She graduated from Baskent University Department of Management Information Systems in 2008 with a degree.  She started a post graduate programm on Information Technologies & System Management and completed in year 2010. She completed her master thesis with Prof. Özlem Müge Aydın about Information Security Awareness.  She is PhD Candidate at the Department Science and Technology Policies at Middle East Technical University.

Her research interests includes topics such as; Innovation, Eco-Innovation, Science and Technology Policy, Information Security , Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering,  Technology Transfer, Technology Foresight and R&D.  Currently she is a full-time lecturer  at Başkent University Department of Management Information Systems, and Key Expert at NACORAC EU Project.  She is also court expert at Ankara Courthouse about information security, and computer crime, and reviewer at Horizon Research Advances in Economics and Business. She is working for “Yerli, Yeni, Yeşil”.  She is co-partner of ESHERA.  She supports Beşiktaş…

Detailed Resume: gizemogutcu_2019

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